Sep 18

Trailer: Listen Up Philip

Sep 17

How The Simpsons Co-Creator Sam Simon Is Facing His Own Tragedy -

Playboy Interview: David Fincher

The Last Saturday, by Chris Ware -

Sep 16

Lot 74073: Berenice Abbott (1898 - 1991), “Designer’s Window, Bleecker St.,” 1948

Lot 74073: Berenice Abbott (1898 - 1991), “Designer’s Window, Bleecker St.,” 1948

Sep 15

WIRED: Requiem for an iPod -

David Cronenberg: ‘My imagination is not a place of horror’ -

Sep 13

Marc Jacobs Collection Spring 2015

Sep 11

Making Gone With The Wind

Making Gone With The Wind

Sep 09

The Catfish host wrote a book. It’s everything I hoped it would be.

Sep 08

“Every year there’s a lead performance or two in an indie-level film that’s so drop-to-your-knees mesmerizing that people like myself throw back the shutters and shout “definitely award-worthy…make room!”… And every time I blow the horn the cynical, know-it-all Gurus and Gold Derby-ers say “nope…no way, Jose…the distributor either can’t afford or won’t pay for a serious awards campaign, let alone for the services of a Lisa Taback-level campaign strategist…this is a Spirit Awards contender at best.” I spit on that attitude, that corroded way of thinking. Because I’m telling you straight and true that Paul Dano‘s performance as the youngish Brian Wilson in Bill Pohlad‘s Love and Mercy, which I saw this afternoon, is almost spookily great.” — WELLS!!!