Ed Harris To Star In HBO Pilot ‘Westworld’

Jesse Eisenberg is not a Psychopath

The best eater I know is Nacho Figueras, the polo player, who’s also a model for Ralph Lauren. He’s a really, really accomplished eater … Two other great eaters that I’ve seen: James Gandolfini was a great eater on The Sopranos. And Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast is also a very appetizing eater. Watching Gandolfini eat on The Sopranos made me hungry, and the same with Ray Winstone.

David Byrne only made one movie, but it’s one nobody else could have made

by Nathan Rabin

Well, I have a bit of a problem. I haven’t visited them in a while, because it can be dangerous. I walk in and see a stuffed head and I’m like, Oh, it’s calling to me. It wants to go home with me.